Cameraless in Tropicana Room 511

I did two things during this trip that I have never done before. No, silly, I’m not talking about smoking a cigar or adding rum as one of the four major food groups. I failed to check my camera battery on the day we took a walking tour of Old Havana. Unfortunately, I don’t have photos from that day, although we did return to Old Havana on our last day in Cuba so I will have a few to share later. The one that I wish I had was a street paved in wooden bricks. It had to be constantly repaired and I enjoyed watching the workers (there were 3 of them, patching a space about 2 feet long and 6 inches wide—talk about “pretending to work!”) conducting that day’s repairs.

The second mistake was thinking that I had the 8 GB memory card in my camera when I actually had only a 4 GB card. The card had filled up and I again missed some photos I wish I had taken. This was on the day we visited the Tropicana hotel where Hemingway stayed when he first started coming to Cuba. He always stayed in room 511, which is now a museum. They change out the items on display regularly but when we were there, they were featuring “Hemingway’s Favorite Things.” These included photos of his four wives and four of his mistresses, various hunting weapons and fishing equipment, an array of reading material—everything from porn to the classics, and an Underwood typewriter. I need to research this a little because I was under the impression that his typewriter of choice was always a Smith-Carona.

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